Ready for Life Formula

We provide high-quality programs and support services that allow Club members to leave us at age 18 “ready for life”. We focus on five essential program areas:

Positive Role Models    
Character & Leadership Development
67% of Boys & Girls Club alumni say that the club kept them out of trouble with the law & 83% of BGCH members believe they can make a difference in their communities.

On Track to Graduate from High School
Education & Career Development
99% of BGCH members are on track to graduate high school on time.

Belonging & Acceptance
Arts & Culture
In a Harris Survey of alumni, 54% of Boys & Girls Club members said the Club saved their lives.

Better Prepared for Their Future
Education & Career Development
A Harvard Study showed that after-school programs can influence academic performance and future outcomes in a variety of positive ways.

Building Confidence and Discipline
Sports, Fitness & Recreation
83% of BGCH kids participate in physical activity for three or more days per week.