Our Why

The after-school hours are a critical time for youth. It’s a time when many kids are left without adult guidance. Some miss out on proper meals, while others lack assistance with homework or personal challenges. This situation can lead to lower graduation rates, increased violence, drug use, bullying, and, tragically, suicide.

Consider this eye-opening statistic: by 6th grade, children from middle-class families have spent approximately 6,000 more hours learning than those born into poverty. This educational gap highlights a broader inequality we must address.

Together, we can make a life changing impact. Let’s ensure that all children, regardless of their circumstances, have the support and opportunities they need during these crucial after-school hours.

The Need In Our Community Is Real

98% of BGCH youth come from low to very low income families

All public school students in Hawaii, spend 82% of their time outside of school

22% of high school student in Hawaii have considered taking their own lives

31% of those facing hunger in Hawaii are children.

I felt like I was a little bird with broken wings and I didn’t know how to fly. I didn’t feel like I was living, it felt more like I was trying to survive. Spalding Clubhouse accepted me for my broken self and I started to feel like my wings were healing and that I was growing. In my future I will be somebody great. 

– Shalain M., 2018 State Youth of the Year Winner