Join us for a tour

Please join us for a tour of a Boys & Girls Club and see firsthand how the Clubs help young people set their minds to success in school – and in life. We invite you and those you know to visit our facilities.  You will have a chance to see our enriching programs in action, learn about how the Clubs support the whole child, or find out ways to get involved.  Grab a friend or some colleagues and come see what it’s like at a Boys & Girls Club!

Each month, we offer hour-long tours where members of the community are invited to learn more about the Club.  Guests will be given a tour by our very own Club members and learn how families across Oahu and Kauai turn to their local Boys & Girls Club for the support their kids need to keep growing and learning long after the last school bell rings.

To RSVP or to schedule a personal tour, contact the clubhouses directly.